***BFAB 6th Annual Showcase- June 4th***

To our Parents/Dancers:

It’s that time of year….our Annual End of the Year Showcase!

This year it will be held on Sat. June 4th at TheatreNow.  Dancers arrive at 11:30am- Tech Run 11:30am to 12:30pm- Doors open for family/guests 12:45pm (dancers get ready during this time)- Show starts at 1pm!

All information regarding Showcase ranging from Fees/Tickets to Costumes have been handed out, so make sure to get with your instructor if you did not receive them and/or need more. 

REMEMBER WE ARE DOING A POTLUCK SHOWCASE DAY! So if each parent/dancer could bring in 1 dish (anything but beverages) that would be greatly appreciated :) 

****CLASS PHOTOS- WED. MAY 25TH**** (Mandatory for All)

Attention BFAB Dancers/Parents:

Remember ALL class photos will take place on Wed. May 25th at the studio.

Everyone has an order form, and the photographer will bring more day of. Handouts have been given with the Schedule, Hair & Make-up Styles- please take notice to these.  

Also, remember any “Extras” for photo day such as tights, correct shoes, basically anything that didn’t come with their costume that may be needed.

**I have copied & paste the information from those handouts below**

Hair & Make-up List for Class Photos & Showcase  

  • MAKE-UP: Every class will have the same make-up (except company routines/solos/duet will wear the usual make-up assigned to the routine)- Foundation/Powder (even if it’s not needed, it evens the skin on stage), Pink blush, Purple & Gold eye shadow, Black eyeliner (top & bottom), Black mascara, and Pink lips (medium tone-between hot/bright & pale pink).
  • HAIR: Every class is assigned a certain hairstyle. They are listed below:
  1. Ballet Ages 6-12: High sock bun w/ hair piece
  2. Adult Ballet: High or medium sock bun
  3. Baby Ballet: High or medium sock bun w/ hair piece
  4. Baby Tap: High or medium straight ponytail w/ headband
  5. Lyrical Ages 6-12: High sock bun
  6. Jazz Ages 6-12: High straight ponytail w/ hair piece
  7. Tap Ages 6-12: Straight half up half down
  8. Student Choreo. Solos: Style based upon routine/age appropriateness
  9. Opening- Poof w/ high straight ponytail (Teachers only)
  10. Company Small Groups/Solos/Duet- Usual hair worn @ competitions
  11. Finale (all dancers)- Listed according to age group/shirt colors
  • Babies: Hair in high straight ponytail
  • Ages 6-12: Hair straight half up half down
  • Ages 13 & up: Hair in high sock/knot bun
  • Faculty: Hair in whichever desired style from list above


Use this list to make sure you have everything needed for the correct hair and make-up, including hairspray, hair ties, bobbi pins, etc. Also, refer to your “List of Extras” (items to provide on your own) needed for each costume such as tights, shoes, etc. Make sure the dancer has what they need to go with all of the costumes if they have more than one routine.

BFAB Dance Studio Class Picture Schedule

**Class photos are mandatory for all dancers**

  • Arrive in full costume, hair, & make up- INCLUDING: Nude tights for ALL dancers, proper undergarments, and any shoes and/or extras needed for the costume.
  • ALL make up and hair styles/colors have already been given out on a separate handout
  • Hair-According to class, if hair piece came with costume bring to pictures
  • Picture packages by our photographer Katie Auletti, Money due upon ordering and she will have proofs available to view day of. (Forms given in advance & available day of)
  • Individual and/or “special” photos can be arranged upon arrival & done during designated time of that class.
  • In the picture packages you can NOT mix & match pictures, but you can order separate pictures a la carte. Katie is pretty laidback so I’m sure she can work deals/pymts out J
  • Company dancers (groups/solos/duet) will take a photo in all of their costumes. Also bring your warm-ups (tank, jacket, leggings, boots) for a photo.
  • Bring jewelry/accessories if you have designated items (company earrings, choker, hair pieces).
  • Faculty will take a photo together in nicer attire: Color choices- powder blue, light pink, or a combo w/ some black & white details/accessories. Hair however desired & appropriate make up & jewelry. Shoes preferably heels/wedges.

Class Photo Times (if any scheduling issues let us know ASAP)

  1. Lyrical ages 6-12: 4:00-4:30pm
  2. Jazz ages 6-12: 4:30-5:00pm
  3. Tap ages 6-12: 5:30-6:00pm
  4. Baby Ballet/Tap 6:30-7:15pm
  5. Ballet ages 6-12: 7:15-7:30pm
  6. Adult Ballet: 7:15-7:30pm
  7. Production/Finale Number (ALL Dancers) 7:30-8:00pm
  8. Company Groups, Solos, Duet/Opening & ”Dressy” Faculty Photo 8:00-9:00pm
  • Between 8-9pm we will do the 3 groups, all solos, duet, “warm-up” outfit, and Teacher Opening & “dressy” photo. So Company dancers will be out probably around 8:30pm, definitely before 9pm.
  • **We may go out of order on occasion due to costume changes, but it typically allows the day to flow easier. So if everyone could arrive at 4:00pm or as close to it as they can, that would be a HUGE help to everything running smoothly! Parents- please stay to help your children**

– Individual/Student Choreo photos can be done right after groups. And if everyone can change quickly we get through picture day efficiently, and allow more individual/student choreo. photo time.

Holidays are Over…..Time to Dance!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday…..but now it is that time, to get back to dance that is!

BFAB is looking forward to the rest of the 2015-2016 season and we hope all of our dancers are too.

For anyone interested in classes but not currently enrolled- we will be having a Spring Registration very soon.  Keep an eye out for more information.

BFAB Holiday Closing Dates

BFAB Dance Studio will be closed for the holidays starting….

Monday Dec 21st through Sunday Jan 3

We will re-open for regular classes on Mon. Jan 4th

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Spring Registration information!

*Any Zumba & Latin classes are scheduled with their instructors*

Have a safe & happy holiday!